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From Finishing Line Press
2023 New Women's Voices Collection:
Bellow & Hiss
by Alyson Gold Weinberg



Advance Praise for Bellow & Hiss

"These poems are historic, gritty, and deeply personal—coiled in wild earth and cosmically bittersweet moments."

–Kai Coggin, author of Mining for Stardust, Incandescent, and Wingspan 

"Alyson Gold Weinberg’s vision seems succinctly punk somehow with sharp shiny edges emerging from dark spaces."

–Jose Padua, author of A Short History of Monsters

"This collection abounds with empathy, intelligence and insight … navigates worlds, at times ebullient, often fraught with doubt and fear, and always redeemed by love."

–Sean Murphy, author of The Blackened Blues and Rhapsodies in Blue



“Riding shotgun with Oedipus, your mother, and the pothole in your heart,” Bellow & Hiss navigates generational suffering and hurtles headlong toward reverie. The collection’s knowing “I” interrogates the dark gift of childhood trauma, the nature of family, and the weaving together of identity. Bellow & Hiss asks: “Have you ever been properly pruned? A love equation carved into your skin?” What does it mean to bear fruit from rotten seeds? Tucked among the branches and brambles of this collection are revelations about growing up and upward, spiritual endurance, and the art of creating oneself. The “scarred arms” in Bellow & Hiss—of drowning Ophelias, anthropomorphic dieffenbachias, and pandemic Penelopes—reach toward the light, “gasping for living things.” 

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