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Named a "Hot Pick" by Broadway World,

Object Relations had its premiere production April 24, 2021, as a live-streamed, staged reading benefitting the McClendon Center.

The performance drew 300+ virtual audience members and raised $4,000. The all-star cast featured Susan Derry as Sam, Anne Tolpegin as Dr. Mimi Rose-Marcus, and Liz Shivener as The Receptionist.



Object Relations
Receives its First Public Performance

Samantha (Sam) Kanter is a 39-year-old writer, mom, and wife living in Washington, DC. She is off-handedly beautiful, darkly funny, and masking deep sensitivity and underlying trauma. Sam is at a career crossroad: Will she continue working in advertising as a copywriter or make a real go of it with her poems, which she quietly prunes “like little Bonsai trees” and rarely publishes?


Punctuated by six original poems and featuring a classic rock soundtrack, the provocative new play tells the story of Sam's relationship with Dr. Mimi Rose-Marcus, a honey-voiced, over-intellectualizing analyst. Rather than probing Sam’s surface problem about her career, Mimi sees an opportunity to explore something deeper and maybe further her own. 

Object Relations is set in the therapy room and examines the nature of attachment, betrayal, creativity, and consent. Its run time is 50 minutes because, "That's all the time we have."



Work in Progress
The World is Waiting for Sunrise

A new play about a tumultuous Jewish family in early 1950's Brooklyn, and the road trip west that takes them in a different direction for generations to come.