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  • Alyson Gold Weinberg

The. Show. Must. Go. On.

It's a snow day here in D.C., giving us a little extra downtime, so, I thought I would share a humor piece I wrote after a particularly calamitous new client meeting. Everything went comically awry, but we got the job, which became a book contract, which became a beautiful published book this December.

AWC Book Collaborations

Now, without further ado:

Attention Future Communications Leaders of America. If you or someone you know wants to succeed in the communications biz like I have, check out these Six Steps to Successful Client Interactions!

Step One: Research the organization. Is it formal and distinguished? Yes! See Step Two!

Step Two: Dress the part. Check for lipstick on your teeth and make sure your clothing is neatly pressed. Try a simple and conservative pink manicure. Wear a colorful scarf! And, be sure to arrive in heels that are one-half size too big and fall repeatedly in the two city blocks between your hotel and the meeting.

Step Three: Be punctual. While you're waiting for the big meeting, rehearse some smart questions and sharp answers to facilitate lively conversation. You're here to impress and nab a new client! And of course...

Step Four: Shake hands and make meaningful eye contact when you enter the room. As you take your seat at the exquisite antique conference table, allow a bright blue pen to explode all over your tastefully-manicured hands, white dress coat and aforementioned conference table. Now, give em' your best Don Draper!

Step Five: Sniff a lot because you are getting over the flu (or have a nasty drug habit, who knows?)! Smear ink across your upper lip trying to subtly wipe your nose. Use humor to deflect awkwardness! While you're laughing, have a coughing fit until tears run down your face. (Don't excuse yourself to the restroom to get a tissue or puff on your asthma inhaler; basic human needs are for wimps!)

Step Six: Be Yourself! Say, "I know...I know...with the pen...and the cough...I'm actually really normal, though!"

Remember, in this too-often virtual business world, face-to-face meetings offer an opportunity to showcase something you just can't over phone or email: the real you.

I hope you enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek article about winning new clients. And, if you need help with communications strategy and execution, call AWC. We're actually really normal, though.

Alyson Gold Weinberg


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